The Haute Theory

Hello all! 

Back with an advert for THE HAUTE THEORY !

A short introduction about them....

The Haute Theory : not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. 
Its a creation and rebirth of the inner you. 
A Haute Theory girl is exuberant and confident, a chameleon that expresses her moods through fashion. With an insatiable appetite for fun, she loves the beautiful and quirky things in life. She has an undeniable passion for love, life and her friends which radiate through her composition and charm. 
The Haute Theory is on a never-ending journey and we’d love you to join us afterall, the world is ready for this much of hotness...!
And here are my picks!

Love this set because both the top and bottom are items that I will wear and pair them separately with something else! So it's super value for money! Haha.

The next item that I chose is this floral romper! And it is exclusively manufactured under their "Project Haute" Label! 

I was so excited when I saw this because I honestly almost bought an exact design from NastyGal which was so much more expensive! Not to mention that the quality was superb too! So soft and comfy!

Quote "Dingxuan" to enjoy 5% off all items. Discount Code is valid till 31st December 2014

*Discount exclude postage charges.* 

Like their Facebook Page and follow them on instagram to stay updated with their latest collections and previews. 

Instagram : @thehautetheory



So for the longest time, most of you have been asking me "Where do you get your contact lenses from?" No kidding, this is one of the most frequently asked question on my Ask.fm / Instagram etc. And my answer will always be the standard "BKK".

It's true! All my contact lenses are from Bangkok. Whenever I go there (which I do quite often in the past) I would stock up on them. And whenever my friends go there, I would ask them to get more for me. I have like so many pairs of them I lost count! It's like I have an endless supply of contact lenses!

I love stocking up on necessities! The more the better!

So imagine my delight when Dazzlemelens contacted me! 


All contact lenses from DazzleMeLens are imported from South Korea and have certificates from KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) and ISO. 

I know for a fact that their lenses are super comfortable to wear because I've been wearing lenses from them prior to this advertorial! The last time Donna went, she got about 5 pairs of contact lenses from them for me so I've been wearing them even before accepting this advert! You can read one of her reviews here

I'm a super safe and boring person so my choices of colored lens are always either brown or grey! When I'm feeling adventurous occasionally, I'd go for either blue or green. You can see for yourselves from the pictures below!

This pair I'm wearing is called "Tulip Blue" and I love how the blue is darker compared to the normal light blue lenses! 

Barbara Brown

Sundae Gray

HamiQueen Gray

The rest of these are what I wear on a day-to-day basis! It's all very very natural and I LOVE IT!

For all you girls who have been asking me, lucky you!! 

DazzleMeLens now offers shipping to Singapore! It only takes 2 days to reach me via EMS! They have a super wide selection of contact lenses! (Both 00 and power lens -0.50 to -10.00)


For the price of lens;
1 pair : 230 baht (~9.2 SG$)
2 pairs : 200 baht each (~8 SG$ each)
3 pairs : 180 baht each (~7.2 SG$ each)
5 pairs : 170 baht each (~6.8 SG$ each)
10 pairs : 160 baht each (~6.4 SG$ each)
**1 SG$ is approximately 25 baht

Buy more so you save more!

And the system is that you can get the same price of the first order in your next order even if you only purchase 1 pair in the future!

For example, if you buy 5 pairs in your first purchase, you get 170 baht each. For your next purchase with them, you get to buy the lenses at 170 baht even if you're only buying 1 pair!
How awesome is that?!
There are 2 types of shipping (by air), the tracking number is available in both shipping methods.

EMS : If your order is from 1 to 10 pairs, the shipping cost will be the same at the minimum rate
Registered : There are two types of shipping cost rate. We separate in 1-5 pairs and 6-10 pairs.

1) EMS (reach SG within 2-3 business days)
>> the total shipping cost will be 550 baht (~22 SG$)
2) Registered (reach SG within 7-8 business days)
>> For 1-5 pairs, the total shipping cost will be 250 baht (~10 SG$)
>> For 5-10 pairs, the total shipping cost will be 400 baht (~16SG$)

If your order is more than 10 pairs, the shipping cost per pair will be cheaper

How To Order
You can either Line them at pan0802 or email them at dazzlemelens@gmail.com

Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd Floor
Platinum Fashion Mall
Bangkok, Thailand 10400
 Instagram: Dazzlemelens

My readers can also quote 'Twiggtwiggz' to receive a super cute contact lens casing!  

This is a sponsored review and neither DazzleMeLens or me will be responsible for any complications that might arise from wearing these contact lenses. My friends and I have been wearing them for quite some time now and we find it very comfortable but that's just us. Everyone is different so if you have really sensitive eyes, do ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK.



Beautify Me

A few months ago, I was honored to have the people from Beautify Me do a makeover for me for one of Everyday People's photoshoots!

BEAUTIFY ME was founded by 2 makeup artists with a shared vision of offering unique and quality beauty products carefully curated from around the globe. By offering unbiased product ranges that are not limited to a specific brand, beauty mavens can expect professionally tried and tested beauty solutions that are objective and impartial. Valued at pocket-friendly prices, BEAUTIFY ME’s beauty products are powered with exemplary quality to guarantee the best for less.

BEAUTIFY ME is not only for the budget conscious; it’s also for the enthusiast who craves to know more about beauty. BEAUTIFY ME provides makeup services and workshops to ensure customers are well-informed of their latest purchase, and even beauty nuts like us want to know about a thing or two or more about the best in beauty!


A smudge-proof and water-proof gel liner in shimmery black, this must-have eyeliner ensures precise and defined lines. Featuring a sponge tip at the rear end of the pen, this eyeliner works perfectly as an eyeshadow when blended evenly and helps you achieve your desired smokey eye look.

- Available in 8 colours (Matte Black, Brown, White, Shimmer Black, Navy Blue, Moss Green, Silver, Emerald Green)
- Allows drawing of precise lines
- Smudge-proof and long-lasting
- Features blending sponge tip at the rear

Create flawless eyebrow arches with this refillable eyebrow pencil in dark brown that glides on smooth with its colour lasting throughout the day. Featuring a built-in brush on the rear end of the pencil, this brow pencil allows you to draw, style and blend your eyebrows to perfection.

- Eyebrow pencil in dark brown colour
- Buildable and long-lasting formula
- Includes brush at rear end for blending
- Doubles as an eyeliner

A must-have for all eyelash falsies junkies - an almost instant eyelash adhesive that requires no waiting time before wearing them on your own lashes. A fast drying glue which dries clear, this formula ensures that your lashes stay put on your own lashes all day!

- Fuss-free eyelash glue
- Quick-dry and long-wearing
- Adhesive dries clear
- One application for eyelashes to last all day

Many has been asking me what eyeliner / eyebrow pencil I'm using. I have a few and I switch around products but would like to recommend the Vina Eyeliner and their Brow pencil. it is so affordable and easy to use. I love how the eyeliner can work as an eyeshadow after blending too!

My readers and shoppers of Everyday People can quote DXCLUSIVE to receive 10% off OR $1 off** (minimum purchase of S$10) when you order directly with them at http://facebook.com/BeautifyMeSingapore or hello@beautifyme.sg 

**Discount not applicable for purchases with external retailer


For more information, please visit: http://facebook.com/BeautifyMeSingapore