Midweek Adverts

Here's one online store I'm sure many of you are familiar with, if not heard of! I've seen so many bloggers doing advertorials for them even before I did this advertorial, I've already checked their website out several times.....

Sad to say I'm not really an accessories person... but they do have a lot of designer brand accessories which are not available in Singapore so you really have to check them out and see for yourself!

Here's what Sarah sent me!

You know I was shocked to receive it because she chose it for me and all the time I was browsing the website I was like wow I really want a CC Skye bracelet if not probably a ring from House of Harlow. Hahaha. I used to really like CC Skye when I was younger!

As I've mentioned, I'm really not an accessories person so I'm really glad she sent me something so neutral but chic! And it's really pretty damn chio right?  

Just Tangy also offers free doorstep delivery when you spend more than $180 within Singapore!

Currently, they are having a 10% off GSS promotion. Key in GSS2014 to receive the discounts. This code is valid for all items except House Of Harlow, Just Tangy curated section and Claire Aristides.

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Here's one blogshop that I've never heard of but took me by surprise when I was browsing their website! There's so many items to choose from. Plus the photoshoots are so nicely done! Really impressed!

I saw them pairing the Maryse V top in white and Rayne fringe shorts together and I thought it was such a nice combination! Seems like the perfect outfit a beach vacation! I really like the shorts! I'm such a shorts person! Think I have about 50 over pairs till date! Hahaha.

Do check out their website for more pretty stuffs!!

New arrivals are up every Sunday at 8pm!

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Carrislabelle is a young, cheerful and sophisticated brand that caters to young ladies and adults! The idea of the brand Carrislabelle came from it's owner named Carris and a French word La Belle which means 'beautiful or lovely woman' in English. Every woman deserves clothing that best represent their style, you can find yours at Carrislabelle!

Basic High Neck Top

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I guess I'm a little late but better late than never right?

I love Zouk. All my friends love Zouk. Who doesn't? If you've ever been there, you'd know what I'm talking about. You'd feel me, us.

Honestly, it hasn't really sunk in yet? A part of me just believe that Zouk won't be gone, just like that? I still believe that Zouk will stay strong and this blog post would be redundant by then but I just have to say what I have to.

So here goes........

Did ya'll know..... my closest girl friends now like Karei, Tammy, Donna, Marisse etc, we started getting really close because of Zouk? 

There, look! Our very first clubbing encounter..... HAHAHAHA.

Phuture was THE SHIT back then..... LOLOL!!

Don't really know how I approve of such photos back then......

Who's who?!

One of Pony's Bday celebration! Theme was sequin!


Still one of my favorite pictures of us of ALL TIME.

My 21st Birthday! Wearing my favorite fruity romper at that time! Hahahaha!

My first ZoukOut!

Tammy's 20th!

Yow's 21st! Theme was stripes and beanie!

My first date with WG.... We ended up in Zouk anyways........ 

Wg's 23rd Birthday!

My recent birthday celebration!

(Good lord the amount of horriying pictures I have to go through my Facebook to find these photos....... Feeling a bit of nostalgia as well, I feel so old -.-)

One last picture.......

A very unflattering picture of me but look who's behind me?! LOL!! YUCKS @ WEIGUANG K!!!!! I didn't even know him back then, was randomly scrolling through my pictures and I was shocked to see this! Maybe we were meant to be all these time...... our very first encounter at Zouk. LOLOLOL!!!


Ok.... now I'm done with the photos! Can you believe it?! There's actually so many more but I think that's enough. Hahaha. Is it weird that I can almost vividly remember every occasion? As I'm posting the photos, memories just keeps coming back to me. Like.... Oh... this happened that night, that happened that night yadda yadda. I must have a superb memory... THAT or I haven't been drinking enough. Teehee.

I remembered how we crossed over to the dark side to Butter Factory (Not gonna deny, it was fun as hell too!) But we still went back to Zouk... eventually.........

And I guess that's how it is for everyone I feel. No matter how many Thai Discos or new clubs pops up... it's like people always fall back to Zouk in the end. I don't have anything else to say for that except maybe, Zouk, is not really a club club? It's more like home? 

The familiarity, the comfort. Don't deny, because every time I go to Zouk, I'd definitely meet an old friend there. At least one random friend. Even before I step into the club.... And we would talk and catch up over drinks, or a smoke etc. It's such a nice feeling albeit a very short while.

I've seen so many people crying, screaming, shouting, laughing, kissing. All the raw emotions. So real. And I really love that. Most of the time, everyone's just really happy inside. Great company, awesome music.

 I'm so thankful for what Zouk has done to me, and given me. All my very closest friends and a very special group of friends called The Party Invaders. Especially my dearest Sofie and Red. I'm so glad I got to meet you guys through Zouk. 

Please SAVE ZOUK if you're reading this! Zouk really needs your vote! 

Even if you've never been there... you might one day? For a friend's graduation, birthday, bachelorette party, hens night etc! And I promise you you'd have one hell of a time!!! Let's save it for our next generation! We can't only keep the fun to ourselves! Hahaha. I still want my children to celebrate their 18th birthday there! 

Some things never change.